Our company

Five generations of olive oil

since 1898
Our origins date back to the 19th century. Since then the Moreno Muruve family has been linked to the olive oil culture, maintaining its agricultural and industrial activity and the character of a family business to this day.

In a permanent desire for quality and in order to meet the demands of an increasingly demanding market, FRAMOLIVA has been a pioneer in its sector in the implementation of quality systems and respect for the environment, both in its agricultural production and in the Transformation proccess.


Tradition and technology
Located in one of the most privileged areas of cultivation and transformation of the olive, the Sevillian Aljarafe and being part of the Doñana Natural Park environment, FRAMOLIVA stands today in an excellent location in Huevar del Aljarafe, at the foot of the Seville- highway Huelva

With renewed facilities arranged in the more than 90,000 square meters of land on which the San Cristóbal oil mill sits, with a milling capacity of 750,000 kg of olives per day, with the best and most modern technology and a storage capacity in Its expanded warehouse of 1.5 million kg of oil, FRAMOLIVA, is prepared to meet the new, growing and demanding needs of the olive grove.


Differentiating element in the olive oil market

An efficient and sustainable industry that guarantees quality in its production process, getting year after year an extra virgin olive oil of exquisite qualities.

A careful selection of Manzanilla olives, arbequina and other native varieties of the region, are milled in less than 24 hours from their collection, thus obtaining the best quality in our oils, which are stored in the cellar until the moment of packaging in our own facilities.


Liquid gold
The careful and early harvest of the olives and the favorable climate of the Ajarafe region make it possible to obtain an excellent fruit juice, an extra virgin olive oil of superior category, obtained through a completely natural process and only by procedures mechanical, without any chemical intervention that can alter the excellent qualities of this liquid gold.

Our oils have low acidity, and excellent organoleptic characteristics, as verified by the sensory analysis and tasting panels to which they are subjected.

They have an intense green color and are very fruity in the mouth.