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VISTA-AEREA-ALMAZARAOur origin goes back to the 19 th century. Since this very first moment the Moreno Muruve family has been linked to the olive oil culture and the family company has been managed following the same criteria and know-how up to our days.

The family solid background in the olive oil field is a solid base to face new challenges in future. The family company profile has made possible keeping on the most valuable family heritage: the olive oil.

In a more and more quality demanding market, Framoliva has been a pioneer in the implementation of quality systems in its state of the art technology, in its olive groves cultivation, in its production process and in its environmental awareness.


Tradition and technology
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Framoliva is located in one of the privileged areas for the growing and grinding of olives, the Seville Aljarafe, closed to the Doñana Natural Park area. Its premises, with 92,000 sqm are equipped with a state-of- the-art production technology.

An efficient and environmentally friendly factory assures the quality of the production process and makes possible a delicious extra virgin olive oil.

This great investment shows the growing trend of a performing company, ready to meet the most demanding needs of the market. In Framoliva, every season we work hard to get an extra quality product which we have inherited from our ancestors.

The Moreno Muruve family has kept its family tradition and its solid background is a good base to face new challenges in future. The family company profile has made possible keeping on the most valuable family heritage: the olive oil.


Differentiator in the olive oil market

The combination of careful olive cultivation in Aljarafe-Doñana with the unique microclimate of the region provides a thriving environment for obtaining this excellent fruit juice. Framoliva´s oils are obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means.

The whole production process is carried out in the San Cristóbal olive mill, where the finest olives are selected, cleaned and pressed within the same day.

The quality of our oil is guaranteed by a control of raw materials, an application of quality standards, the attainment of both certifications (the Quality Management through ISO 9001:2008 and the Environmental Management through ISO 14001:2004), control of our laboratory for oil tasting to determine its Coupage quality and our bottling to plant to ensure all oils are bottled in a timely manner for preservation purposes.

  • Milling capacity: 320.000 kilos of olives per day (24 h).
  • Bottling capacity: 1.000.000 kg per year.
  • Cellar capacity: 1.000.000 kg
  • Byproduct Utilization Plant.

Our Oils

The liquid gold
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For five generations, Framoliva has been dedicated to mastering the excellence of producing the finest virgin and extra virgin olive oil while maintaining its tradition and preserving the most valuable asset to gastronomy.

We produce a truly fruit juice, the extra virgin olive oil, by a completely natural process, and taking advantage of the newest technology. A careful selection of the best quality olives of different varieties is cold milled in less than one day so that the best quality is secured in our oil which is stored in our cellars until we bottle it in our factory.

Organoleptic attributes

Framoliva oil is obtained by mechanical process (olive juice) without any modification of its excellent quality. It has got a superb smell and taste as it has been witnessed in different tasting events. It is intense green coloured, soft and very fruity, with a light just cut herbs smell, heavy and creamy, with a touch of fig tree and apple. All these qualities make Framoliva extra virgin olive oil a delicious pleasure, unique in the world.

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