Magnificent Extra Virgin Olive Oil of a Premium scale extracted from the ancient olive trees of the Sevillian farm Santa María de Las Lomas.

Muruve, an Extra Virgin Olive Oil which reminiscent of Sevillian spring, time when Manzanillo olive trees are in blossom, an essential moment for elaboration of this precious juice because since it is just a tiny flower is carefully preserved.

Muruve is unique due to its Manzanilla olive-variety and selection, which is very limited, as the major part of the harvest is intended for the production of fine table olives. Without any hesitation Manzanillo Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of the extra virgin oils with more favourable organoleptic qualities.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil with deep roots and tradition in the Aljarafe region, stood out as superior.

The Framoliva´s Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced after selection and cleaning Arbequinas, Manzanillas and Picual olives. The whole process is carried out in the San Cristóbal oil mill Huévar del Aljarafe, Sevile, Spain.

The careful growing of olive groves and the microclimate of the Aljarafe region make possible this extra quality cold milled fruit juice which is obtained by just mechanical process.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil recognized by the most demanding consumers in the Aljarafe region since ancient time.

El Molino de Gines extra virgin olive oil is obtained from the best Manzanillas, Arbequinas and Picual olives selection, with great hold and tradition is sevillian Aljarafe whose high quality is recognised since inmemorial times by most demanding customers.

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Virgin Olive Oil that combines the quality of a local variety of olives with the unique characteristics of the region.

MOLINO DE HUÉVAR Virgin Olive Oil is produced from a carefully selected variety of olives coming from the the Aljarafe-Doñana area, and milled in Almazara San Cristóbal In Huévar del Aljarafe, Seville, Spain

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